Member News - June 2008


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Dear Members,

Welcome to the first “Member News” in this format. You may notice that the newsletter looks very different to what you have become accustomed to. This is for good reason as issues of “Member News” are now designed to be sent and received in both hard copy and also as an electronic newsletter via an email subscription. The idea of this format is to reach members of the Association with information and updates more readily. By subscribing to the email format of the newsletter, members are able to share and spread the word on what the Australian Simmental Association is achieving and what major events and sales are coming up in the near future.


By increasing the Association’s contact records of current members and third party associates it will assist in the wider distribution of marketing and general information. We have identified the need to reach a broader number of potential buyers of Simmental genetics and we hope to be able to increase the exposure and benefits of advertising in Association publications such as the Annual magazine.


How can you assist? Please encourage anyone that approaches your stud for information to register their contact details with the Association. A link will be made available from the Simmental website homepage where anyone can register their interest, sign up for further information and subscribe to publications.




Within this edition of member news, I would like to draw your attention to some important Simmental news and items of interest.


Annual General Meeting


The Association’s AGM will be held in Melbourne, Victoria on the 12th of July 2008. It is Council’s desire to convene the AGMs in different areas of the country so more members have an opportunity to attend and participate.

A members’ dinner has been arranged for the evening of the 11th of July, the day before the AGM, all members and their guests are warmly invited to attend.

The venue will be Locanda Cucina Bar - Rydges Hotel Melbourne, 186 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, commencing at 7:00 pm.

Please contact the ASBA office on 02 6773 2714 or email to assist in confirming numbers.

We hope to see you at the dinner on July 11 and the AGM on July 12.


For those members who are unable to attend this meeting, following is clarification of some of the financial and program performances for 2007 briefly explained:



Simmental Sales

For the year to date, Simmental bull sales have been performing well. There were some excellent results in SA and WA during the first few months of the year. Competition has been strong for the best quality lines and this has seen the average price in 2008 for 325 Simmental bulls at 16 reported sales increase by $500 to $4,309.


The average price for Simmental females is currently at $2,344 with reports received from three sales.

State 2008 SALE Top Average Sold Clear Gross




Simmental Bull $30,000 $4,309 325 79% $1,400,572
WA Jan Naracoopa Albany (Mt Barker) $7,000 $5,425 8 100% $43,400
WA Jan Scotsdale Albany (Mt Barker) $2,800 $2,575 4 67% $10,300
WA Jan Inlet Views Albany (Mt Barker) $2,500 $2,500 2 67% $5,000
WA Jan Caringa $10,600 $3,569 16 62% $57,104
WA Feb Bonnydale $8,500 $4,272 45 87% $192,240
WA Feb Willandra $7,500 $4,845 29 83% $140,505
WA Feb Supreme Sale, Brunswick $5,750 $4,054 14 64% $56,756
WA Feb Bandeeka (Kitchen) $8,250 $4,500 9 41% $40,500
SA Feb Woonallee $30,000 $7,203 37 100% $266,511
SA Feb Waterfront $7,000 $3,781 32 94% $120,992
QLD Feb All Breeds Bull Sale, Rockhampton $3,500 $2,600 10 100% $26,000
SA Feb Corinda Downs Bull Sale $7,250 $3,609 23 100% $83,007
SA Feb Naracoorte - Euro Bull Sale $4,500 $3,375 14 100% $47,250
SA Mar New Direction (Lancaster) $9,000 $4,512 43   $194,016
SA Feb Yerwal $6,500 $3,233 15 65% $48,495
NSW Apr Prime Beef Simmental Sale, Illabo $6,000 $2,854 24 51% $68,496


Simmental Females $6,500 $3,125 20 100% $62,503
SA Feb Woonallee $6,500 $3,654 13 100% $47,502
SA Feb Waterfront $5,000 $2,143 7 100% $15,001
NSW Apr Prime Beef Simmental Sale, Illabo $2,750 $1,823 30 81% $54,690

Please contact the Simmental Breeders Association to post your sale results.


Upcoming Events


June 4 - 6

Farmfest, Kingsthorpe, QLD

June 13-30

Simmental Trade Mission to United Kingdom
~ Incorporating World Simmental Fleckvieh Congress ~
~ Northern Ireland, Scotland, England ~

July 3

Barana Simmental Bull Sale, Coolah, NSW
Click here to view the Barana Simmentals website.

July 11 - 12

Ag-Grow Field Days & Simmental Sale, Emerald, QLD

Aug 8

Brisbane Royal Show - Simmental Judging Ring 2 08:30 am

Aug 21

Wombramurra Black Simmental Sale -Nundle, NSW
Wombramurra Sale Complex Nundle starting at 12.30 pm, Contact: Andrew Chapman on 02 67693286

Aug 25

Select Simmental Genetic Sale - Roma Saleyards, QLD
Click here to view further details of the Select Simmental Genetic Sale

Sept 1

BCM Simmental and Simbrah Bull Sale – Rockhampton, QLD

Sept 3 - 5

Ag Show, Toowoomba, QLD

Sept 6

Adelaide Royal Show, Simmental Judging

Sept 12

Roma Simmental & Simbrah Bull Sale, Roma, Qld
Important notice, change of venue click here for details.
Contact: Trevor York, Ph: 07 4623 5242 or Andrew Moore, Ph: 07 4653 5154

Sept 27

Melbourne Royal Show– Simmental Judging, Melbourne, Vic

Sept 27

Gowrie Simmental & Simbrah Bull Sale - Charleville, Qld
Contact Noel Mobbs, Ph: 07 4654 1831

Sept 27

Pert Black Simmental Sale, Broadford, Vic
Contact: Martin Grimwade 03 9818 4261

Sept 30

Perth Royal Show

Nov 10

Victorian Simmental Spring Sale, Whittlesea, Victoria


2010 World Simmental Congress

It is with great privilege of the Australian Simmental Breeders Association to announce that the former Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser AC CH has agreed, more than willingly, to be the official Patron of the World Simmental Congress 2010. Mr. Fraser has served in numerous leadership positions in Government as well as national and international services organizations. He has a great interest in the Simmental breed as a former breeder.


In 2010, Simmental has been secured as the feature breed of the Royal Melbourne Show, with judging scheduled to be conducted on Wednesday the 22nd of September 2010. Now is the time to start preparing and selecting progeny for this event. Members will be informed of the full itinerary in the coming months. For further information and to view an online version of the brochure used to promote the 2010 event, please keep your eye on the following site



SBTS (Southern Beef Technical Services)

A powerful new benchmarking tool is now available for Simmental seedstock producers. Known as TakeStock, the tool collates all available BREEDPLAN and Selection Index information to enable Simmental producers to assess and improve the rate of genetic progress in their herd.


TakeStock enhances the ability of breeders to manage genetic change. It enables seedstock breeders to focus on the key variables affecting the rate of genetic gain being made for the particular breeding objective of their commercial clients.  


What does TakeStock do ?

For further information on the workshops being held throughout Australia and to see whether your Simmental BREEDPLAN herd is eligible for the report please click on the following link or view the relevant material on the Simmental website under the Technical Articles section.



Simmental Trade Mission

Peter Speers has led a strong contingent of Members on the Simmental Trade Mission to the UK over the last few weeks of June. The Trade Mission will encompass areas in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the World Simmental – Fleckvieh Federation Congress in Norfolk, England.


A big marketing campaign has been coordinated to assist in promoting the Australian World Simmental Congress to be held in Melbourne 2010. With the help of Tourism Australia, an exciting presentation was put together which Peter will be presenting to the World Simmental community at the UK Congress. An extensive colour brochure was also developed and will also be made available to all delegates to assist in attracting as many international Simmental breeders to Australia in 2010 as possible.


We wish them all the very best on their mission and for a safe return.


The power of the Australian Simmental website is becoming more and more evident. The site has continued to grow in popularity throughout the year, recording a significant increase in hits at an average of 67,000 hits per month at an average of 4:20 minutes per session. We require your assistance in contributing to the content in providing good news stories from members and state branches and also in the review process. If you see something that is amiss, please notify us.


The site has become a key component in herd management. The powerful animal and EBV search facility enables users to search all animals in the Association’s registry database and can be manipulated to search for particular parameters within specific traits.


Simmental Annual Magazine ~ 2008

Following the success of last year’s Annual Magazine, the Association has again engaged The Land (Rural Press) to produce our 2008 Annual Magazine. To help all members advertise in this year’s magazine, the Advertising rates are being kept at last year’s rates.

Our commitment is to publish it and mail it out by early December so it is available before Christmas.

To achieve this, a strict booking deadline of October 24 must be adhered to.

So please give this your urgent attention and contact one of the Land (Rural Press) contacts listed on the attached flier to book your advertising.


Technical Guidelines 

- Transfer of ownership

It is essential that animals and genetic material that have been sold or passed onto another breeder are transferred as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide the Association Registrar with the transfer requirements and certificates within 60 days of the exchange. By exceeding this period, the registration of progeny from the animals in question could be jeopardized.


- DNA typing and further testing requirements

With the existing agreement with The University of Queensland (UQ), samples for DNA and Parentage Verification testing sent via ASBA remain at the discounted rate of $24 plus GST per sample.


GeneSTAR Market testing (eg for Marbling, Tenderness and Feed Efficiency) will continue to be undertaken by Catapult Genetics under the existing contract with the Association.


Members are reminded that they are required to submit hair or empty straw samples of all untested sires or potential sires of calves born after November 2006. All Accredited AI Sires have data recorded as a prerequisite of registration.


We recommend collecting hair or semen samples of all sires before the joining season commences. Store in plastic bag or collection kits, marked with the animal’s identification, in a dry place. Submit these to the Association, in either the UQ or Catapult collection bags (available from ASBA), for DNA testing once it is known which sires have calves to be registered. Then if the sire is sold or dies before his calves are due to be registered, his sample is stored and ready for testing.


You can check the Simmental website’s animal search facility to see if an animal has its DNA type on file. If a sire has already been tested, there is no need to submit a sample for this sire.


- Check Imported Genetics    

Imported genetics can be very useful in introducing valuable traits to our Australian Simmental herd. However, care should be taken to check that the calves resulting from these importations can be registered with the Association. If in doubt, please check with ASBA ‘s Registrar. It is a matter of checking to see if the particular sire is an Accredited AI sire registered with the Association.



(1)   DNA fingerprint of ALL sires (except Accredited AI Sires) is required to register their progeny

        Check the Simmental Website (Animal Search) to see if an animal’s DNA is on file.

(2)   Hair or Semen Samples Required

(3)   Check the AI Sire is Registered with ASBA

(4)    Please contact Claudia Scott if you require a copy of the Association Bylaws

(5)   Recording Birth Weight


Best wishes,



Damian Coffey         

Executive Office